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Crossover Symmetry

Shoulder muscle imbalances have become a familiar issue for modern athletes. And it’s not a surprise with lifestyles that have us hunched over in chairs for hours a day and far too many workout programs that love to hit the chest. Crossover Symmetry has created a tool that reverses course to put a laser focus back onto proper development of your shoulders.

Your shoulders are critical to your athletic ability. Keeping them healthy should be a primary objective for anyone working to maximize their athletic potential.

But making sure you hit the entire range of functional shoulder muscle groups can too often find itself left out at the gym, leading to poor range of motion, posture imbalances, and eventually even tons of shoulder pain. 

This article discusses the importance of properly training your shoulders and how Crossover Symmetry’s Shoulder System works to get you at the top of your game and stay there for the long run.

The Importance of Mobile and Strong Shoulders

The Importance of Mobile and Strong Shoulders

Your shoulders are the critical component that allow you to move your arms in every direction that you need. You ask a lot from them every day, and it doesn’t matter if it’s sport-specific movements found in sports like tennis, baseball, and swimming. Or general household tasks like painting your dining room. The shoulder finds itself in the middle of it all.

Making their health even more challenging, most activities that engage the shoulders are typically also repetitive movements. Think of tennis as an example. A player could average over 520 strokes per match! Every stroke requires power, mobility, and proper range motion from the shoulders. 

Now think of how many times you have to move your arms over your head just to do something as simple as painting a room in your house. You’ll quickly realize it’s not such a mystery that shoulder pain is one of the most common issues that creep up on both athletes and the general population alike. 

With almost a dozen muscles and a handful of ligaments that move the shoulder, its complexity makes it challenging to pinpoint the origin of diminishing performance or emerging pain.

What that means is, to help boost athletic performance and reduce the chance of injury, you need to have a training program that targets the complex system of the shoulders in its entirety. Ensuring each critical component of your mobility and range of motion is accounted for and properly trained.

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What Crossover Symmetry Is Designed to Do

Crossover Symmetry took top sports therapists and athletes to create a product focused on shoulder strength, stability, and range of motion.

Because of the complexity of how many muscles are involved in proper and pain-free shoulder mobility. It’s common to find casual workout programs that over-train some parts of the shoulder and under-train others that are just as critical. Leaving you with festering imbalances that slowly create problems down the road.

Crossover Symmetry addresses this issue specifically with the tools and exercises that focus on functional sport-specific movements. Strengthening the entire shoulder system can get you to new heights in your athletic performance. It can also help reduce your chance of injury. Keeping you in the game for the long haul.

Crossover Symmetry Shoulder Benefits

  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased range of motion and mobility
  • Correcting muscle imbalances
  • Injury prevention
  • Pain reduction as part of a rehabilitation program

Here at Mobility Athlete we talk a lot about how your mobility is critical to your athletic ability. If you want to go more into depth about the benefits of focusing on your mobility, check out this article on why every athlete should focus on their mobility training.

The Ultimate in Shoulder Strength and Mobility Exercises

As always, if you are experiencing pain or suspect an injury. You should always start by talking with your doctor or preferred healthcare professional before starting any new health or fitness protocol. They can also help you set up a protocol specific to your body and needs.

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is in your journey for improved shoulder strength. Crossover Symmetry has resistance options that span from novice to elite. 

If you’re an elite athlete looking to add some new-found power to your athletic performance. Or someone new to exercise or working with their therapist to help rehab a shoulder injury. The Crossover Symmetry system has an option that will help you achieve your goals. 

There’s a reason why they work with over 20 MLB teams, 10 NFL teams, and many PGA golfers. 

The most significant advantage to the Shoulder System package is that it also comes with a hard copy of the training guide and access to their Online Training Zone. Instead of just getting a set of resistance bands and taking on your shoulder training blind. You get an expert-designed training system to keep you on the right track for balanced shoulder development.

Where to Buy Crossover Symmetry Shoulder System

Browse below to find the Crossover Symmetry Shoulder System package that works best for your goals:

Mounts for Training at Home or the Gym

Crossover Symmetry has multiple options for anchoring the Crossover Cords:

  • Wall Anchors
  • Door Belts
  • Rack Straps

Wall Anchors: These anchors can be mounted directly to the wall. The wall anchor kit also come with all the hardware you need to allow for the weight rating required to use all of their different resistance levels. This mounting option gives you a permanent solution to have a dedicated place in your home or gym to use your Crossover Cords. 

Door Belts: These anchors are a convenient way to turn any door into your Crossover Symmetry workout station. Sold in pairs, they easily slip over most doors. Allowing you to take them with you to keep up your training program wherever you are. 

Rack Straps: These anchors attach to any squat or power rack. However, Because of their versatile design, you can use them with most stable pole-like structures. It’s common to see baseball players attaching them to the poles of the field fence for game-day warmups or training at practice. 

Crossover Symmetry for Hip and Core

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