Is the Amazon Halo Band Worth It?

Every year new lineups of wearable fitness trackers flood the marketplace. Amazon has thrown its hat into the game with its recent release of the Halo Band activity and sleep tracker.

With a competitive price tag and membership that offers a broad suite of analytics and features, you might wonder if the Halo Band is worth it for helping you reach your own athletic goals.

This article breaks down everything you need to know about the Amazon Halo Band, its membership, features, and if you can use it as a tool to help you reach your fitness goals. 

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What Is the Amazon Halo Band Fitness Tracker?

Most fitness trackers on the market specialize in specific areas. You have wearables that measure your speed, some that monitor your heart rate, and others that focus on analyzing your sleep quality.

The Amazon Halo Band took a different approach and combined three different tools into one. It’s an activity tracker, sleep tracker, and a knowledgebase giving you access to workouts and resources on your health and nutrition.

Combined with its Amazon Halo membership, it provides you with the data you need as well as the insights and tools to help you understand and improve your overall health.

Features of the Halo Band

  1. Tracks your daily activity, like heart rate, active and sedentary time, how many calories you burn, the intensity of your movement, and counts steps.
  2. Measures movement health and creates personalized plans to help you improve over time.
  3. Analyzes your sleep patterns, like your time asleep and how many times you wake up through the night.
  4. Analyzes your body fat percentage.
  5. Gives you access to hundreds of on-demand workouts, meditations, and resources for sleep and nutrition.
  6. Analyzes your tone of voice to provide you with feedback on strengthening your communication skills.
  7. Water-resistant band in three colors and size options.
  8. Screenless design to minimize distractions.

How Does the Halo Membership Work?

The Halo Membership gives you full access to the entire suite of tools, features, and programs that the Halo Band has to offer.

The membership gives you the most out of the tracker’s functionality, from on-demand training programs to advanced analytics for your movement and sleep patterns.

When you first purchase your Halo Band, you’re given six months of free access to the membership program. After the free trial, access to the full features of the Halo Membership is $3.99/month.

Can You Use the Halo Band without a Membership?

There are features that you can use if you choose not to have the membership each month. 

Some fitness trackers on the market essentially turn your wearable into a paperweight if you don’t renew your access to the monthly membership. So it is a significant benefit that the Halo Band retains some functionality even without the membership. Regardless, the features without access to the Halo Membership are still quite limited. 

To simplify, here’s a chart of the features you have access to with the Halo Band as a member and as a non-member:

Halo Member


Activity Sessions



Heart Rate

Calories Burned

Time Awake & Asleep

Sleep Temperature



Activity Score


Activity Intensity


Movement Health


Movement Score


Personalized Movement Program


Sleep Score


Sleep Stages


Body Composition


Tone Analysis


How Activity and Sleep Trackers Are Useful For Athletes

Your first priority in training is the actual training that you’re doing. In close second is the quality of your recovery between sessions. 

After you have those two bases covered, you will likely start looking into ways that give you valuable data, allowing you to measure the quality of both. This is when fitness trackers step into the picture.

When it comes to picking the device, you have a little bit of homework to do first. Before making the right choice, you need to define your goals and what inputs are required to help you get there.

When you know what inputs you’re looking for, it gives you the power to decide which device will check the most boxes for you.

Fitness trackers can be a powerful ally to your athletic development when you know what you’re using the data for. Tracking data for the sake of tracking data will likely leave you feeling like the device is worthless.

But if you know what data is valuable to measuring your progress, having that data brings you one step further to understanding the quality of the work you’re putting in.

Is The Amazon Halo Band Worth Buying?

After you detail your goals and what data is valuable to measure in your training progress, it makes it an easy task to scroll through the chart of member features and decide if the Halo Band is right for you.

Based on its features, here are a few stand-out areas. If they fall into alignment with areas you’re trying to improve, the Halo Band may be a perfect addition for you.

  • You’re looking for ways to track your daily caloric expenditure better to fine-tune your nutrition planning.
  • You want insights into your current sleep quality so you can make improvements to your sleep and recovery efforts.
  • You want to track your body composition to give you additional metrics to track the adaptations occurring from your training more accurately.
  • You would benefit from workout programs, meditations, and guidance on improving your general health.

If you fall into any of these examples, the Amazon Halo Band is right up your alley. 

But if you’re looking for a device that is sport-specific, gives you pulse-oximetry, has GPS capability, tracks your speed, or gives you real-time feedback with a screen to use while you train – many other purpose-built options fit exist that would serve your requirements much better.

At the end of the day, the best device for you is the one that provides you with the data that is most useful to your goals. The Amazon Halo Band is that device for many athletes seeking to track their general health and fitness. 

But for other athletes with specific requirements, there are powerful devices on the market (with varying price tags) that could fit your training requirements better.

We’ll leave a few options in an Amazon grid below for both the Halo Band as well as more robust fitness trackers on the market.

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