How Kemtai Takes the Guesswork Out of Proper Training Form

Kemtai Computer Vision Fitness
Image Courtesy of Kemtai

Kemtai transforms your laptop into an advanced motion-tracking personal trainer.

Leveraging computer vision technology and AI, Kemtai can provide you with real-time feedback while you train, like immediate form correction, rep quality, and even adaptive workouts.

Unlike other competitors in the space, Kemtai doesn’t require additional bulky hardware or expensive fitness equipment. All you need is the webcam on your laptop, a browser window, and plenty of room to move.

But why is motion tracking necessary for your training in the first place?

For today’s article, we’re going to break down the importance of proper form in training and how you can take advantage of Kemtai’s motion tracking feedback to help perfect your biomechanics.

The Importance of Proper Biomechanics in Training

Every aspect of athleticism and fitness boils down to your neuromuscular system’s ability to move your body properly through time and space. Whether your goal is to get faster, fitter, or stronger, every exercise you do in training aligns with that specific goal.

Exercise technique, range of motion, and mobility, all fall into the category of developing proper biomechanics. This fundamental aspect of your training is what translates directly into improvements in your athleticism.

Improper technique in training leads to suboptimal workouts and can even develop injuries that lock the breaks on your progress. 

Placing a laser focus on proper biomechanics is the driving factor in ensuring that you maintain the highest levels of improvement from your training. It creates an environment for success by maximizing your workout efficiency, improving your mobility, and locking in the mind-muscle connections that transform your athletic ability.

Maximizing Workout Efficiency

The quality of your training is significantly more valuable than quantity for your progression as an athlete.

If you’re doing squats to strengthen your hamstrings, quads, and glutes to make you a faster runner, all the sets and reps in the world won’t help you reach your goals if you aren’t actively engaging the right muscle groups due to poor quality repetitions.

But if you can ensure that your technique and range of motion are correct, you maximize your time in training and actually accomplish the goals you set out to achieve. 

If you think about all of the hours you’ve spent in training and technique mistakes you’ve corrected over the years, how much further along in your progress would you be if you had made those corrections right away?

Improved Mobility Increases Overall Athleticism

Your mobility has a direct tie to your athleticism. Your ability to move a body part through its full range of motion is the limiting factor for how effectively you can move.

Improving your range of motion begins with your training efforts. Consistently performing exercises with a limited range of motion (a root cause of incorrect form) creates movement patterns that throw a wrench into your long-term athletic ability.

Ensuring that your body’s motion tracks along its correct path during training is the foundation for identifying mobility limitations to correct and optimizing how well your body moves in the future.

Locking in Mind-Muscle Connections

“Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.”

– Vince Lombardi.

When you train, your mind and muscles work together to create the fundamental movement patterns you rely on every time your body moves. These patterns gradually become habits you don’t have to think about whenever you need to use them.

Habits are a double-edged sword. Good habits move you closer to your goals. But on the other hand, bad habits can create long-term problems that require a massive amount of time and effort to reverse.

But how do you ensure that you’re not developing bad habits in your movement patterns?

Ideally, you would have a coach or personal trainer who can supply you with guidance on every repetition to keep the development of bad habits at bay. But this isn’t a reality for most of us, especially when you’re training from home.

This is where the new computer vision technology from Kemtai comes into play, allowing you to transform your laptop into an additional set of eyes that helps you develop the proper movement pattern habits using the power of AI.

How Kemtai Is Changing the Game With Computer Vision

Kemtai is a home training platform that combines advanced computer vision technology with their proprietary AI to turn your laptop into a powerful tool with the ability to provide real-time guidance as you train.

Just like a coach or personal trainer, Kemtai analyzes your exact movements and provides immediate corrections and feedback on each exercise’s performance.

Continuing on the same idea of how maintaining proper biomechanics in training leads to optimal results from your workouts, Kemtai’s technology gives you a powerful ally in building the right habits for your movement patterns.

Before we dive into the technicals of how Kemtai works, let’s go over a brief introduction to what computer vision and AI are.

Basics of Computer Vision and AI

Computer vision is the field of study that focuses on how computers can understand what’s happening in their environment through images or video. Artificial Intelligence is, simply put, the computer’s ability to make real-time decisions about the information that it’s processing.

The idea for computers to “see” what’s in the environment isn’t an unfamiliar idea. But traditionally, it meant expensive dedicated hardware with massive amounts of GPU power to make it happen. Making it an inaccessible technology for most consumer applications.

Kemtai’s team has spent over 15 years pioneering the Computer Vision and AI field. Combined with advancements in modern technology, their expertise has allowed them to create an incredibly powerful computer vision fitness tool that doesn’t require any additional expensive and bulky hardware. They wanted it to be accessible to anyone without sacrificing performance.

Impressively, they made it work in a browser window.  

How Kemtai Uses Computer Vision to Enhance Your Home Training

Kemtai accurately monitors your form by tracking 44 different data points on the human body. This motion tracking engine gives Kemtai the ability to provide valuable information while you train and useful long-term metrics the more workouts you complete.

Here are some of the most exciting features powered by Kemtai’s unique technology:

  • Real-Time Training Feedback
  • Instant Form Correction
  • Rep Counting
  • Rep Quality Tracking
  • Adaptive Workouts

Instead of just tracking “how many workouts you’ve completed,” Kemtai also keeps track of your qualitative scores. So instead of focusing on quantity, you now have a reliable way to track the quality of each repetition throughout your training.

As we talked about in-depth at the beginning of this article, quality may be the single-most-important factor for reaching your training goals. But how exactly does tracking your exercise motion improve your workout quality – and can it also help improve your mobility?

Why Tracking Your Exercise Motion Improves Your Workout Quality and Mobility
Kemtai Squat Jump Motion Tracking

When you’re working out by yourself (and especially at home), it can be challenging to know if you’re actually performing a movement with the correct form. There are times that an exercise can feel right, but if you were to take a video of yourself, you’d be able to point out some issues right away.

Aside from Kemtai’s ability to give you audible cues to correct your form, it also projects a visual representation of your skeletal movement over your video. Sometimes all it takes is the ability to see visually how minor adjustments move your body. And when you finally get it right, it clicks.

For mobility specifically, tracking your exercise motion allows you to isolate the root cause for range of motion issues. 

If you’re working on your squat form, a few adjustments to your technique may be all you need to perfect your range of motion. But if you realize that even with technique adjustments, your range of motion is still limited, you’ve now eliminated your motion patterning as the root cause of the issue. Now you know where to focus your attention in your mobility and flexibility training to help improve your range of motion.

Ultimately, tracking your exercise motion gives you advantages similar to having a trainer helping you master your form combined with the powerful computation power of a computer to provide you with more effective workouts.

The Kinds of Workouts You Can Find on Kemtai

Kemtai offers members access to a fast-growing library of on-demand workouts across a wide variety of training styles. From HIIT and strength training to cardio and pilates, you can find it in the Kemtai workout library.

As an athlete, it’s invaluable to have a variety of training modalities at your disposal. Like a runner’s performance benefits from incorporating strength training, even NFL linemen get an edge on their game by using training modalities like pilates

Having variety gives you the ability to program your training session specifically to reach your goals more effectively. Kemtai gives you that variety of training styles and instructors and even gives you the ability to generate customized workouts tailored specifically for you.

Choosing Your Instructor

Everyone’s biomechanics are unique and differ from one another. This is what makes Kemtai’s variety of instructors an important feature.

Kemtai’s neural network algorithms clone each trainer’s motion to provide you with accurate representations of proper movements. As you use the platform, you’ll find trainers that not only offer the style of training you enjoy but share similar natural biomechanics as you. 

When you find trainers that you like, you can follow the workouts they create, take part in their challenges, and even create custom workouts tailored to your own goals.

Kemtai Now

When Kemtai says customized to you, they mean it. 

Kemtai’s custom workout builder uses AI to build one-of-a-kind workout sessions tailored specifically to you. You tell the wizard what muscles you want to target, your current abilities, how much time you have to train, and how difficult you want it to be. Then, the AI-based custom workout builder creates a training session for you based on your goals.

So not only do you have access to the library of on-demand workouts from Kemtai’s trainers, but you also have the ability to generate unique training programs optimized to your own preferences.

How to Try Kemtai for Yourself

The best way to experience the power of Kemtai’s real-time motion tracking and feedback is to give it a shot yourself. 

Head over to Kemtai’s Website and click on the “Try Now” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. All you need is your laptop’s webcam and plenty of room to move around.

Final Thoughts on Kemtai:

Computer vision and AI have always been exciting fields of study regarding their potential use-cases in training and fitness.

Even for computer vision based fitness applications available historically, you were constantly faced with only two choices: “incredibly expensive hardware” or “less than exciting performance.”

Kemtai’s team having an extensive background in computer vision really shines through. It’s fantastic to see a company blazing a trail in fitness and computer vision that results in a product that has broad accessibility right along with impressive performance.

Based on what Kemtai has been able to accomplish so far, it will be exciting to see how this technology continues to evolve and add features into the future.

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