Power Plate Vibration Platforms – Ultimate Guide

Power Plate Vibration Training

From a technology founded in solving unique problems for zero-gravity astronauts and training elite Olympic athletes, the powerful effects of whole-body vibration technology from Power Plate’s flagship vibration platform models to the ultimate portability of the

Power Plate MOVE, even in the comfort of your own home.

This article covers everything you need to know about whole-body vibration training, its benefits for athletic development, and how Power Plate simplifies bringing vibration training to your home gym.

What is Whole-Body Vibration Training?

The second half of the 20th century was an exciting time of exploration into new frontiers never before achieved by humankind. The 1960s were no exception, just the world of the NASA space program presented groundbreaking problems to solve with each passing day.

The upside to complex problems that need to be solved is the byproduct of the invention of new technologies that are created to solve them. For the first space program’s astronauts, extended time in zero-gravity meant atrophied muscles and bones that lost their density. The solution to that problem is what broke ground on the development of whole-body vibration technology.

Also known as indirect vibration, whole-body vibration uses a mechanical device to produce repetitive oscillations of specific amplitudes and frequencies to stimulate the neuromuscular system.

Not only did whole-body vibration find its applications for zero-gravity astronauts, but it was also quickly identified for its potential benefits in athletic development and fitness.

But you don’t need to have access to a NASA training facility, vibration platforms like Power Plate have been moving into the commercial space to blaze the new trail of using vibration as a new mechanism for maximizing athletic training.

How Power Plate Vibration Plate Trainers Work

Power Plate has been a world leader in whole-body vibration technology for over 21 years. Their My5 vibration platform has been the industry gold standard for years, and with the release of the cutting edge Power Plate MOVE, anyone’s ability to take advantage of this technology has never been more accessible. 

The Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Trainer is a vibration platform that packs a full range of frequencies into one compact tool you can use to add powerful vibration into your athletic development, wherever you are. 

The advanced vibration technology oscillates in all three directions: up and down, side to side, and front to back, giving you the maximum benefit of incorporating whole-body vibration within your training program.

Causing anywhere between 25 and 50 muscle contractions per second, the up and down vibration focuses on improving your muscle strength. At the same time, the left and right movements supercharge the training of your balance, stability, and coordination with every static or dynamic exercise you complete.

Benefits of Power Plate Vibration Machines

Whole-body vibration is an exciting field of study that has been growing extensively over the past few decades. While there is still plenty of room for larger sample sizes and further investigation to explore the mechanisms in further detail, systemic reviews show that the randomized controlled studies indicate a wide range of benefits from muscle strength to sprinting kinematics.

Research in whole-body vibration has many variables, from vibration frequency, exercise programming, and even the biology specific to different athletes and participants in the studies. Because of this, there is a lot of room for additional research with the technology. So far, here are the potential benefits discovered in the field of whole-body vibration.

Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration Training:

  • Improved Muscle Strength
  • Improved Power Output
  • Improved Bone Density
  • Increased Oxygen Delivery
  • Increased Muscle Activation
  • Increased Hormonal Response (Testosterone and Growth Hormone)
  • Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Boosts Post-Workout Recovery and Warmup

The Different Power Plate Models

Power Plate My5 

The Power Plate My5 has become the gold standard in vibration platform training. 

The My5 is the full-sized model of vibration platforms, equipped with a vertical column and handles to maximize the versatility of both upper and lower body exercises and gives you convenient control of the device from the top position or bottom position of the platform.

Equipped with an excellent range of frequency options from 30-40hz, the Power Plate My5 gives you ultimate customization to help you maximize your fitness regimen in as little as 30 minutes per day. And finding workout programs is as simple as using the pre-programmed quick start workouts or taking advantage of the Power Plate app to connect directly to the platform.

What we like most about the Power Plate My5 is its larger platform and vertical column. The column really comes in handy for deeper squats with added stability. Different ranges of a movement force the vibration to travel differently through your body. And you can really feel the difference once you try it. For warm-ups to prime your muscles for a workout and cool-downs to accelerate recovery, the handles allow you to isolate specific ranges in your movement for added focus on different muscle groups.

If you have the space and budget, the My5 is the ultimate vibration platform for fitness clubs, home gyms, and people ready to make the full jump into the benefits of whole-body vibration platforms.

Power Plate MOVE

The Power Plate MOVE is the shrunk-down and simplified version of the flagship Power Plate models. But the ultimate advantage of the MOVE is it’s superior portability without sacrificing the high-power vibration frequency’s Power Plate is known for. 

The MOVE gives you six different variable frequency modes ranging from 30-40hz, a simple, easy-to-use interface, and everything you need to get started with whole-body vibration training.

Its smaller columnless base is designed to save as much space as possible. Making the Power Plate move the ultimate vibration platform for home use while still getting all of the benefits of whole-body vibration training provided by full-sized options.

How to Use Power Plate Vibration Platforms

One of the most significant advantages of Power Plate vibration trainers are their versatility. With a sprawling variety of exercises that only need the weight of your body or a couple of dumbells, you have one tool with the power to amplify a complete full-body workout.

Instead of creating your own training regimen, you might be looking for pre-built workout programs to maximize your training. In that case, the Power Plate app for iOS and Android allows you to take OnDemand classes, explore training courses, and have access to over 300 videos for warmup, training, and recovery.

Much like progressive overload in traditional training, the Power Plate comes with six different vibration levels from 30Hz to 40Hz, which allows you to start with lower intensity amplitudes and gradually work your way up as your body adapts.

The range of amplitudes gives you even more functionality to how you use the vibration in your training. You can set the amplitude to low and use the Power Plate for stretching, massage, and post-workout recovery. Then for your strength training, you have the full range of low to high amplitudes, and even including additional weight, to match your intensity as you progress.

Final Thoughts on Power Plate:

Just like using vibration in combination with foam rolling provides additional benefit to your self-myofascial release practice, using whole-body vibration in your training has the potential to maximize your training efforts. And additionally, it targets the stabilizing muscles that are hard to activate during traditional exercises.

Like any tool, vibration plates aren’t the end-all-be-all to replace your conventional training as an athlete. But when appropriately incorporated can supplement aspects of your athletic development that will help you reach your goals faster.

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