How BedJet Maximizes Your Workout Recovery by Improving Your Sleep

Sleep is the foundation of your workout recovery. BedJet takes an engineered approach to maximize your natural biorhythms, improving the benefits you get from quality sleep.

This article covers everything you need to know about the importance of sleep for athletes, how the BedJet Climate Comfort System works, and how you can improve the quality of your sleep with Biorhythm sleep technology. 

The Importance of Sleep for Athletes

If you spend one hour in the gym every single day, at the end of the year you will have spent 365 hours training and 8,395 hours dedicated to maximizing recovery. The most significant portion of those hours is your time sleeping.

Sleep is when your body goes into its rest and repair mode. Throughout the night, your hormonal balances begin to shift. You begin to release natural growth hormones that stimulate muscle growth, damaged tissues repair from your last training session, and your body starts breaking down fat for energy.

The opposite is also true. When you become sleep-deprived or experience poor sleep quality, an entire cascade of adverse effects takes its toll on your athletic performance. You experience impaired brain function, decreased metabolic activity, reduced protein synthesis, and a negative impact on your growth hormone and cortisol levels.

The path between the positive benefits and negative impacts of sleep all comes down to either maximizing or disrupting your circadian rhythms. Factors like temperature, light, and timing, all play a significant role in regulating the health of these natural biological rhythms.

BedJet takes the relationship between your circadian rhythms and spending the right time at the correct temperatures to maximize the quality of your nightly sleep.

What is the BedJet Climate Comfort System

BedJet is a unique air-based climate control system that works with your existing bed and mattress. There are no bulky toppers, wires, or water pads, just a straightforward method to add powerful cooling and heating throughout your night’s sleep.

BedJet’s inventor, Mark Aramli, was an engineer who worked with the climate control systems for astronauts in the NASA spacesuit program. Being able to create the perfect climate systems for high-stakes missions in the space program led him to a new idea. Why couldn’t these same concepts be applied to a problem that every person on this planet could benefit from? This is where the idea for air-based climate control to maximize restful sleep was born.

From the first prototype to the third generation BedJet 3 with custom technology allowing you to personalize your temperature for every hour of the night, the idea of taking a scientific approach to your sleep environment changed the game for sleep quality.

How Does the BedJet Improve Your Sleep

Your thermal environment plays a vital role in your sleep quality because of the link between how your body controls your core temperature to the mechanisms that regulate sleep.

Studies have shown that even for healthy people who don’t experience insomnia, the wrong temperatures of your environment during different sleep stages can significantly impair your sleep quality.

Body Temperature During Sleep Phases

Your circadian rhythm is a 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. Your core body temperature also varies throughout the different periods of this cycle. When you begin falling asleep, your core temperature is also dropping. It reaches its lowest temperature while you’re in the deepest phase of sleep and then gradually increases until it triggers your body to wake up.

By changing the temperature of your sleep environment, you can match these temperature ranges to help facilitate your body’s natural circadian rhythms and improve the quality of your sleep.

BedJet Biorhythm

BedJet created an innovative new technology called Biorhythm, which takes the natural temperature cycles throughout your circadian rhythm into account.

You can program your personal biorhythm sequences from either the unit’s remote or the mobile app into your BedJet. This feature takes advantage of your variable core temperatures throughout the night and matches your sleeping environment to maximize each phase of sleep.

This approach helps give your body the correct signals to stay in the proper phases of sleep. Traditionally, a temperature change could wake you up or kick you out of a deep sleep cycle. But maintaining the correct sleep temperature keeps you in restful sleep and taking advantage of the body’s rest and repair functions that supply you with improvements and adaptations from your last training session.

Professional Athletes that Use BedJet

From NFL quarterbacks to MMA fighters and Olympic Gold Medalists, a large pool of professional athletes have discovered the benefits of incorporating BedJet into their recovery strategies.

And it’s not a surprise. Sleep quality is arguably the number one factor in workout recovery and optimizing athletic performance. BedJet’s approach to supporting your biological core temperature cycles throughout different phases of sleep takes nearly zero effort but dramatically impacts performance and recovery.

For a list of professional athletes and Olympians that take advantage of BedJet, check out the featured athletes on BedJet’s site.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort Features

  • Easy install on any size bed in just minutes
  • Quiet air-based system for all-night use
  • Temperature range of 66-104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Only takes seconds for temperature changes to take effect
  • Air-powered ventilation helps wick sweat while you sleep
  • Fits under any bed that has 6″ or more of clearance
  • Works with either remote or Bluetooth and mobile app
  • Biorhythm sleep technology for programable temperatures during each hour of the night
  • 30% smaller than previous models
  • WiFi-enabled

Final Thoughts:

Sleep is a vital part of every athlete’s progression. Something as simple as adding BedJet’s Climate Comfort System to your bed is a straightforward way to maximize your recovery efforts while you sleep.

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