HECOstix | A Simple Tool With Powerful Impacts on Your Coordination

HECOstix | A Simple Tool With Powerful Impacts on Your Coordination and Reaction Time

Training your hand-eye coordination and reaction time always seems to find itself left on the back-burner of your training. HECOstix put the spotlight back onto this critical area of your athletic ability that will turn you into a force to be reckoned with on the field.  

The Importance of Hand-Eye Coordination, Reaction Time, and Focus for Athletes

Think about how critical your coordination and reaction time are for every sport your play. Your brain makes lightning-fast calculations when it targets and tracks a ball or opponent, then makes the decisions that move your body into game-changing plays.

During high-stakes situations, the coordination between your body and eyes and how quickly it takes place is the difference between success and failure. If a link in the chain breaks and you lose focus for only a moment, what could have been a game-winning catch ends up flying inches over the tips of your fingers. 

Hand-eye coordination and reaction time take immense concentration, and improving your game in this area takes a direct focus and repetition in training.

But how do you train this fundamental piece of your athletic performance? Most daily training has coordination and reaction time taking the back seat as a passive and secondary training area. When you’re practicing plays, catching the ball counts as hand-eye coordination training, doesn’t it? 

But in every other training area, you usually practice harder than what you’ll need in competition – because that’s what sets the bar for your baseline performance higher. So why should coordination and focus be any different?

HECOstix identified this gap and created the tools to give hand-eye coordination and reaction time the direct attention they need to take athletes’ performance to the next level. 

How HECOstix Train Hand-Eye Coordination & Reaction Time

HECOstix are a simple tool with a powerful purpose: improving your coordination and reflex skills. 

The simple design is what makes it the perfect tool for getting in the repetition required to see improvements in the speed of your reflexes and agility of your coordination. A system that’s too elaborate means that it’s less accessible, which means it’s likely to get left out of your daily training. 

The HECOstix have three colored legs that spin through the air when you toss them.

Unlike just throwing a ball back and forth, your brain has to jump into high gear and rapidly process more information to catch the correct color. Adding in this new element of increased focus and information processing makes it a more effective tool for training your hand-eye coordination and reaction speed. 

Training with them won’t just help you catch better. The benefits HECOstix improve a wide variety of aspects in your athletic performance.

Benefits of HECOstix Training:
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Reaction Speed
  • Information Processing
  • Anticipation and Prediction
  • Spotting Landing Areas
  • Non-Dominant Hand Confidence

How to Use HECOstix to Improve Performance in Your Own Sport

You can use HECOstix to improve your coordination and reaction speed for ANY sport! You’ll find a wide variety of pro athletes training with HECOstix spanning from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and UFC. Athletes, coaches, and trainers have been using them to improve focus, speed, agility, and reflexes to maximize performance and gain an edge on the field. (Here’s an impressive clip of Kamara showing off his incredible balance and coordination using HECOstix in training.)

To help you understand how the improvements you get from training with HECOstix apply to your own sport, we’ll break down some examples from a few different popular sports:

Baseball: Amp up your hitting performance by getting better at anticipating the pitcher’s release point and make better ball contact by improving your spin recognition and object tracking. You can also enhance your fielding by making better predictions for anticipating the ball’s trajectory after contact with the bat. 

Football: Maximize your focus and peripheral vision to maintain tracking of the ball through all the distractions of the game. Improve your blocking with quicker hands and faster reaction times. You can even improve your tackling by better processing the speed and distance of your opponents with greater precision. 

Basketball: Improve your offensive production by enhancing your ball tracking and peripheral vision to increase your situational awareness as plays develop. HECOstix also help to simulate intercepting at the ball’s high point and predict trajectories off of the rim to maximize your rebounding. 

Tennis: Improve your striking by more accurately judging the ball’s speed, trajectory, and position. Enhancing the ability to make calculations in your peripheral field will improve your striking decisions, allowing you to focus on both tracking the ball and managing your opponent’s positioning. 

Final Thoughts on HECOstix and Improving Hand-Eye Coordination & Reaction Time

Once you separate all of the physical elements out of the equation for what makes you a better athlete, like improving your speed or jumpstarting your workout recovery, your brains’ ability to make decisions effortlessly and rapidly is what sets you apart on the field. 

Not much attention goes into training and development that directly focuses on improving your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Tossing in a simple tool like the HECOstix can give you the ability to make massive improvements in an underlooked area of training. 

HECOstix are a small, inexpensive tool with powerful impacts on your game that’s easy to toss into your gym bag – and even just have some fun with them while simultaneously improving your athletic ability along the way. If you want to pick up a set for yourself, here’s a link to their Amazon storefront.

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