VertiMax Raptor Review for Speed Training

It’s not often that a product comes onto the market and fundamentally changes your approach to training. The VertiMax Raptor broke down the shortcomings of traditional speed resistance training and developed a product purpose-built to get you faster, more powerful, and more agile.

This article breaks down the gaps and flaws in conventional speed training, how the VertiMax Raptor fills those gaps in athletic development, and everything you need to know about the benefits of VertiMax speed training.

The Flaws of Traditional Resistance Speed Training

Every athlete want’s to get faster. Your ability to rapidly generate speed and perform lightning-fast changes in direction gives you an edge in nearly every aspect of your athletic performance.

While traditional resistance speed training can have its utility, there are massive gaps in its practical use that can leave a lot of untapped progression on the table.

Speed parachutes and weighted sleds are unidirectional, making it challenging to train agility and position-specific functional movements. While resistance bands may provide variable direction, they require an additional person to attempt to control the resistance level while simultaneously mimicking your direction.

But most importantly, conventional resistance band training isn’t well suited for applying constant load on critical muscle groups during each phase of your running stride. Most notably, your hip flexors.

The Importance of the Hip Flexors for Getting Faster

Your hip flexor muscles play a crucial role in your running speed. Every time you drive your knee forward, your hip flexors jump into action to generate the power required for a quick recovery phase in your running stride.

Not only does this impact your overall top speed, but it also is required for creating the explosivity of your initial acceleration and during rapid changes of direction.

Traditional resistance band training primarily loads the glutes, quads, and calves for the drive phase of your running stride. But once your foot leaves contact with the ground for the recovery phase, you lose the ability to maintain load on the hip flexors to drive the knees.

This is the flaw in conventional training that the VertiMax Raptor’s unique speed training system reconciles.

What is VertiMax Raptor Speed Training?

The VertiMax Raptor’s unique design is a lightweight and portable resistance training system trusted by coaches, professional athletes, and Olympians to increase speed, acceleration, and agility. 

The VertiMax Raptor fundamentally changes how you apply resistance through a movement for speed training. By design, traditional elastic bands increase resistance the further you get from the origin point. This makes speed training over any modest distance impractical and less effective.

How the VertiMax Raptor Fills the Gaps in Muscle Development for Speed and Agility

When using the VertiMax Raptor, you get smooth and constant resistance over distances up to 40 yards with the Raptor EX. This constant resistance is the key to unlocking the untapped power of the hip flexors in your speed and agility training.

The VertiMax Raptor also gives you maximum versatility in training options. You can simultaneously load each leg individually to optimize power generation, run complex sport-specific drills without disrupting technique, and you can even train two athletes at once with the VertiMax Raptor Dual.

Its use case also doesn’t end with sprint training and speed development. The resistance cables can be attached to various limbs to create custom training in power generation. From improving the strength of a quarterback’s throwing arm to improving the swing speed of a baseball player, you can train it with the VertiMax.

VertiMax Raptor Benefits and Features

  1. Proven method for improving speed, agility, and acceleration
  2. Constant resistance throughout drills
  3. Ability to train at longer distances with consistent resistance (up to 40 yards with the Raptor EX)
  4. Versatility in training options and drill selection
  5. Ability to train multiple athletes at once
  6. Allows you to maintain resistance at high velocities
  7. More effective at training sport-specific movements
  8. Safer than inconsistent resistance

Final Thoughts on Speed Training With VertiMax

The VertiMax speed training system is a revolutionary way to approach developing speed, agility, and quickness. VertiMax considered the shortcomings of conventional speed training and engineered a solution that provides a better product with better results for athletes.

But if you’re still looking for inexpensive traditional training tools to add to improve your speed and agility, check out our list of top speed training tools to add to your gym bag. Or if you’re looking for a tool purpose-built for monitoring the progress of your speed training, take a look at our recent article on the JAWKU Speed.

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