Best Indoor Saunas On Amazon for Every Budget

Best Indoor Saunas On Amazon for Every Budget

Finding your own home sauna to support your training and fitness goals has never been easier. With high-quality and low-cost indoor saunas on Amazon that can be delivered directly to your door, there are now endless options to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle (and even space requirements.)

Sauna Benefits for Athletes and Fitness

The sauna is a powerful tool for every athlete. With benefits that span from workout recovery, maximizing athletic performance, and improving general health and well-being, it’s easy to see why so many athletes regularly incorporate sauna use alongside their regular training. 

In our Ultimate Guide to Sauna Benefits for Athletes, we cover each of the benefits of sauna use and all the science behind them in detail. So if you want a breakdown that digs into the mechanisms behind how they help you reach your training and fitness goals, head over and check it out first!

As a quick refresher, here’s the top-level list of benefits from the article:

1.) Jumpstarts Recovery After Exercise

2.) Enhances Production of Heat Shock Proteins

3.) Improves Cardiovascular Health

4.) Lowers Core Body Temperature During Training

5.) Improves Delivery of Oxygen to Muscles

6.) Improves Insulin Sensitivity

7.) Improves Cognitive Functions and Brain Health

8.) Improves Immune Response

9.) Burns Calories

10.) Can Help You Live Longer

Mobility Athlete: Ultimate Guide to Sauna Benefits for Athletes

The Different Kinds of Indoor Saunas You Can Get on Amazon

There are two main types of saunas that you’ll find on Amazon. Portable indoor saunas that conveniently pop up wherever you need them. And home indoor sauna kits with beautiful classic designs you can put together yourself in less than a few hours.

Although both designs have drastically different applications for needs ranging from space requirements to budget, they both offer you the same benefits of heat exposure therapy. 

Let’s go over both styles of saunas, the best products on Amazon in their category, and the unique applications they both provide. 

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Portable Indoor Saunas

Portable indoor saunas are a game-changer for the space-constrained or the traveling fitness warrior. With plenty of lightweight options, you could neatly tuck your personal sauna into your closet between sessions. They even fold down small enough to pack it into the back of your car and relax after a competition to jumpstart your recovery. 

The Durasage Portable Personal Sauna and Steam Room and the Durherm Infrared Sauna have a unique design that allows you to sit with your hands and head outside the unit. This makes it great for relaxing while your favorite show plays in the background or catching up on your emails to pass the time.   

You might wonder why there is quite a sizable price difference between the Durasage and Durherm portable saunas. The most significant reason is that one is heated by steam, while the other leverages infrared instead. Which you prefer is primarily based on your own personal preference – many people enjoy the faster process and energy efficiency of infrared designs. 

The SereneLife Full Size Portable Sauna also comes in either steam or infrared, but its full-size design makes it unique. Instead of sitting with your head and hands out of the unit, the SereneLife sauna pops up to a full size that allows you to hop inside like you’d use any other sauna. It also collapses down for convenient storage or to move from room to room between uses. 

Home Indoor Sauna Kits

If you’re looking for a more permanent sauna for your home (but don’t want to break the bank with an expensive unit that has additional labor fees), an affordable home sauna that can be delivered right to your door and set up in a few hours might be the perfect fit for you.  

The Dynamic Saunas and Durasage 2-Person Infrared Saunas have a classic wood design and efficient FAR infrared heating panels. Both are complete with LED lighting and full sound systems so you can relax and listen to your favorite music or podcast to pass the time. 

If you’re looking for a little more space to enjoy the social elements of the sauna tradition, the Dynamic Saunas Maxxus and SanteFe Corner Sauna both have room for three people. 

An excellent added feature in the SanteFe 3-Person Corner sauna is the Oxygen Ionizer that releases negative ions to help purify the air, keeping your sauna clean and fresh both during your sessions and long afterward. 

All of the home indoor sauna kits get delivered to your curbside and boast simple setup that takes less than a few hours. While not as conveniently portable as the pop-up style home saunas, taking it apart to move to a different room or new house is just as simple as setting it up.

What Kind of Sauna Is Right For Me?

Which sauna is right for you is ultimately up to your own goals and personal preference. 

If you’re new to the benefits of using a sauna and you don’t have access to one at your gym, starting with an inexpensive pop-up sauna would be an excellent introduction to exploring the benefits for yourself. Then you could decide if you want a more permanent solution in the future. 

If you’re a traveling athlete that’s religious about getting in your sauna sessions to boost recovery and athletic performance, having a portable sauna to take with you when you’re on the road gives you the same amenities you’re used to when training at home for game day. 

And finally, for those looking to make the leap into installing a sauna in their own house. Whether you’re looking to save some cash by ordering online or simply prefer the enjoyment of a quality DIY project, the wide range of options right at your fingertips to be sent directly to your door could be the perfect choice for you. 

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